Working to Recreate the Past

Museum Presentations

We have extensive experience of staging presentations for museums and other venues.  Our aim is always to be:

  • Historically accurate
  • Accessible
  • Entertaining
  • Good Value for Money

We can offer presentations from any of our time periods or a cross period specialty such as "Medicine Through Time" or "Witchcraft". 

Our standard package is presented by four performers. This allows us to offer a range of characters who can interact both with an audience and each other.  These performances can be tailored to suit a particular exhibition or theme and can be staged inside a gallery or performance space or in the grounds of a museum in our own period tentage.

Example packages:

  • 1940s Home Front.  A bomb disposal officer talks about bombing and air raids.  He has a replica bomb with a trembler fuse that members of the public can try their hand at removing.  A housewife displays a complete weekly ration and talks about make do and mend and wartime cooking.  A home guard corporal talks about our last line of defence and runs drill sessions for volunteers from the audience. An ARP warden or nurse talks about changing women's roles in wartime Britain.
  • Elizabethan Life. A sea captain talks of privateering, life at sea and the Armada. A fine lady discusses life for the rich and invites the audience to try period dancing. A servant shows the difference in life for the poor and a man of learning demonstrates intriguing experiments and the gory secrets of Tudor medicine.
  • Roman Invasion.  An iron age warrior shows the equipment he would wear to fight off an invading Roman Legionary who can show why the Romans won and enlist young recruits in a Roman training session.  A fine lady shows some of the benefits of Roman rule with many of the pleasures and luxuries available whilst one of our craftspeople can demonstrate (and allow the public to try) mosaic making, jewellery making  or coin striking.

We can of course offer larger scale presentations with more performers or indeed across several periods. What about a multi period spectacular with several teams allowing your visitors to walk back through up to eight time periods?

  •   A single day's presentation: 4 Performers   £450  (Plus expenses)
  •   Multi period   - 2 periods, 2 presenters per period.  £500
  •   Additional 2 presenters  Same Period £220, different period £250.
  •   Additional consecutive days attract a discount of 15% on the above rates. (Subject to conditions on locations and accomodation - we are prepared to camp at suitable venues)

As an example our "Trip Through Time Event" at Kettering each year comprises:

Romans, Saxons & Vikings, Medieval Times, The Tudors, the 17th Century, Regency, Victorians and World War 2 - eight periods of all day displays and experienced performers interacting with visitors.

Add to this storytelling and puppet shows for the children.

Rounding off with a full arena programme - displays, demonstrations, audience participation and timelines.

A full event, all in one co-ordinated package.  You just need to supply the venue.