Working to Recreate the Past

Schools Presentations

Our standard schools visit is carried out by one or two performers.  We try to tailor our presentation to suit the audience and the curriculum requirements.  Many of our staff are qualified teachers and we have experience of education in mainstream primary and secondary schools, in tertiary and FE colleges (up to degree level) and in special education.

Where possible we like our presentations to be interactive to fully engage with the class.  Students get to try on costumes and armour and handle objects, both original and replica.  We ensure we establish a timeline when setting the scene for our presentations and put things in context.  We try to clearly show how and why we know what we do about the past and our mock archaeological digs are very popular.

Story telling and drama are popular features and we can work with students to create their own performances or art works.

Hands on activities making replicas etc can also be included at an additional charge for materials.


1 performer    Half day  £100          Full day £195       

2 performers  Half day  £175          Full day £300       

Having two performers allows us to more fully explore male/female roles etc by having a mixed team.  It also allows us to offer more than one time period on the same day.  Our performers  can work with up to 100 students at a time and we can do shorter sessions for several classes at the same school in a day.

Travel expenses are not included in the above fees - up to fifty miles from base: Free  Thereafter mileage is  charged at 22p per mile.  Base is Sherwood Forest in North Nottinghamhire.

We also have individual performers based in Lincolnshire and the Forest of Dean available thus minimising travel expenses.

We do stage education tours - if we are in your area - expenses are waived.  Expenses are also waived if we are booked for two or more consecutive days so why not get together with other schools in your cluster?