Working to Recreate the Past

Historical Solutions

Historical Solutions is the live performance arm of "Time Tarts" the television historical services company. We specialise in recreating the past in a accurate but entertaining and accessible way for live audiences in museums, historic sites and education establishments.

We have skilled, experienced performers who have previously recreated:

  • Prehistory - the British Neolithic and Bronze Ages
  • Iron Age Britain
  • Romans - soldiers, gladiators and everyday life.
  • The Ancient Greeks  - games, gods, city states and warriors.
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Invaders - King Arthur, the Pagan Saxons
  • Saxons and Vikings
  • Medieval Realms
  • The Tudors - from Henry to Elizabeth
  • The Stuarts - Including the English Civil War and the Great Fire of London
  • The 18th Century
  • The Napoleonic Period - French Revloution, The Wars and the Regency Period.
  • The Victorians - early, mid and late Victorians.
  • World War 1
  • World War 2 - particularly life on the Home Front 

All of our performers are fully costumed and have a wide array of replica items both for presentation and handling.

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